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Two Locations:

25 Westside Road

Etobicoke, On. M9C 1B3

Tel: 416-695-3422

Fax: 416-695-3424


314 Evans Avenue

Etobicoke, On. M8Z 1K4

Tel: 416-253-4802

Fax: 416-253-5663



Engine Repairs

(6 cyl. in line) 100,000 km or 1 year of warranty

Included: Injectors, Piston, Liners, Bearings, Heads, Oil, Filters

Breakes: from $135, Gear Repair,

Oil Change from $130

We have parking to rent

rates $45/hr

Monday to Saturday

8 am to midnight


We participate in MTO Drive Clean program.

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