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For urgent matters please send us the e-mail or give us a call at (416) 439 2184. 

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Services General Info

We are interested in the financial success of our clients, therefore we offer wide range of affordable advertising services with the world wide reach.

1.  Banner Ads

We offer banners of various sizes, i.e full size 65x340 pixels or half size 65x170 pixels. We offer standard GIF banners, more attractive java based banners, or we can take your banner if you have one. All prices are negotiable.

2.  Website Design

We design professional web pages with graphics, images, navigation tools, search engines, visitor counters and many other features. We work together with a client to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a wide choice of web pages patterns to save costs, please see some of the examples to the right. We also specialize in custom made websites for individual business needs.

3.  Website Hosting

You can host your website with us under the name easily remembered by anyone You can do this with the website designed by us or you can transfer a web page from another hosting provider and save money. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry. For those clients who have their own web page under their own domain name, we offer clearly visible links to their business web pages.

4. Quote 

If you would like to have a quote for a website design and hosting, please fill up the form below and we will answer you within 3 business days.

I would like to transfer a website from another hosting provider.

I would like Polish Marketplace to design a web page for me.

I have my own website and I would like to have just a listing and a  link to my website.

Please fill in below, if you would like to have a website designed by us:

How big website would you like to have?

What features would you like to have in your website?

pictures, how many?

custom images, how many?

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search engine

guest book

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Example 1
1 Page website of an insurance agent

Example 2
2 Page website of a real estate agent

Example 3
2 Page website of a  home renovation company